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Ірландія вітає вас​

Welcome dear friends, it is a great honor for us to host citizens of Ukraine here in Ireland, in these difficult times it is the duty of every European to help people who aspire to live in a free and peaceful world, because this is the key to a happy life. we are happy to support and help you so that the people of Ukraine can live stably, no matter what.

How We Can Help

Look at the resources below.

Important Resources

Useful resources to help you find Accommodation, Social Services, Healthcare, Schools and Employment.

Language Help

Learn the important English words and phrases that will help you settle in Ireland.

Online Courses

Online courses that will give you the skills that employers in retail, healthcare, hospitality and construction look for.

How We Can Help You

Skills Connect offers free online training programmes and enterprise-led virtual job placements to jobseekers looking for new jobs and careers. This valuable initiative offers individuals the opportunity to develop new skills or reskill, build confidence and access practical on-the-job training.

Finding Work

We offer a bilingual Employee Onboarding with Conversational English training platform for jobseekers and displaced persons


Learn the skills you need to work in the hospitality sector.




Learn the skills you need to work in the retail sector.





Learn the skills you need to work in the healthcare sector.




Warehouse Employees

Learn the language you need to work in a warehouse.





Learn the skills you need to work in the construction sector.




CPD Certified Courses included

Manual Handling

Food Hygiene


Fire Safety

Health & Safety

Life in Ireland

Ireland is a country that is culturally rich with a long history. As a result, some aspects of the country’s culture will be familiar, whereas others will be brand new. This module will help broaden your understanding of key aspects of Irish culture and society.



Helping People from Ukraine

If you can, volunteer your time or skills at community level through your local Community Response Forum or by registering with Volunteer Ireland.

EireLingo is an initiative of Duhallow, Rural Food, South Kerry and CILT Mobility & Supply Chain Skillnets. The training and information contained within this hub is further complemented by a suite of face to face upskilling programmes which all require a number of work placement days. To learn more visit our websites click on the logos below.